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Adorned with many crystals.

You can even position the 3 separate pieces onto other parts of the body if desired.

Perfect for a festive Christmas party, festival or carnival event.

Iced Queen - festive Xmas face jewels


How do I apply them?

Simple! Our gem sets are non-toxically self-adhesive.
Most styles are pre-set by invisible links so you don't have to rearrange every single gem yourself!!

  • For best results, we recommend to stick to dry, clean & oil-free skin.
  • Carefully peel away from the packaging and then apply to your face/body.
  • Hold them in place for a few seconds.

If you want, you can rearrange the gems in your own style too!!

And how do I RE - apply them?

After gently wipe-cleaning the items (ensure skin is dry and free from any oils), simply apply again.

Or for extra stickiness use an eyelash adhesive to the back side of the gems and press onto the skin to stick them down.