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This is for the ones who couldn't find the right information - until NOW

Hooded Eyes

Is your upper eyelid crease swallowed by the flesh under your eyebrows? If so, you know the struggle to find decent lashes that don't swallow your eyelids up too!!

Solution: Go for gappy eyelashes that allow whatever eyelid crease you have left to be shown-off - especially if you have eyeshadow on.

Angel Delight is a great everyday option. For a going out out look, go for Lemongrass XL , Citrus Burst or Eye Candy (pictured).

Down-turned Eyes

Are the outer corners of your eyelids lower than the inner corners?


The best way to make downturned eyes appear lifted is by applying lashes that have longer outer end strands to create an upward 'lift' of the eyes, faking the sought-after 'fox-lift' effect.

Re-usable false strip eyelashes such as: Demi Whippy are the answer.

Fair Hair

Do you have blonde, brunette, auburn or red hair?

Do you wish you had a more natural - looking lash - lengthening alternative to standard black - coloured false eyelashes?

Solution: Honey & Ginger Lashes feature a range of sandy to brown tones of vegan synthetic eyelashes of various styles AND they come with clear lash adhesive, so it's a win-win situation!!

Glasses wearer

Would you like to have sexy lashes that don't buffer on your specs?

Solution: Magnify the beauty of your eyes by wearing falsies that add some extra length but lots of volume to your eyelashes (without so much length that it will interfere with your glasses)!!

Try lush strip lashes like Honeycomb, or fluffy ones like Candy Floss, or you can use more delicate everyday-look ones such as Clementine or Tangerine.

Still unsure which lashes are the right type for your eyes?

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